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37 year old woman resuscitated after long-term cardiac arrest without neurological damage.

Still today, it is generally believed that within minutes of a heart attack, the brain and other organs are severely damaged. The damage is so severe that with previous therapies successful resuscitation of the patient is very unlikely after a very short time span. Long-term research has shown that the assumed limits can be significantly…

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Mid-forty shows no neurological impairment after prolonged circuit bridging with CARL.

The goal of CARL Therapy is to save time. Because time is life – and every minute counts when it comes to identifying the cause of a cardiac arrest and providing targeted therapy. With the help of CARL, it is possible to provide patients with optimal care, for example after a heart attack, until the…

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Mid-40s woman discharged after heart failure without impaired brain function thanks to personalized CARL therapy.

In a situation where further attempts of resuscitation previously seemed futile, CARL can still help. Controlled whole-body reperfusion also benefited a woman who suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her chest and collapsed while gardening on a friendly summer day. Her husband reacted quickly. He called 112 and immediately began chest compressions. This was continued…

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