CARL. Academy

The CARL Academy offers an online repertoire of product information, training materials, and instructional videos for users and interested parties who wish to receive further training and education within the framework of the CARL training concept.

The corresponding training program was developed as part of the EU-funded CIRDinnova project in cooperation with the University Hospitals of Linz, Rotterdam, Freiburg and the University Heart Center Freiburg – Bad Krozingen.

Users and interested parties will find detailed background information on CARL Therapy on our information and training platform, as well as extensive instructions for optimum use and effective implementation of the CARL System.

Registration for the CARL Academy is free of charge.

Technology ahead of the curve.

CARL. Controlled. Targeted. Personalized.

The CARL System is designed to help more people survive cardiac arrest and improve their neurological recovery afterwards. The technological performance characteristics of the CARL System’s components are based on the requirements of CARL Therapy – a novel therapeutic approach for resuscitation focusing on controlled, targeted and personalized reperfusion of the whole body.

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Controlled, automated reperfusion of the whole body.

CARL is the world’s first reperfusion system that can be used to bridge circulation extracorporeally in a controlled and targeted manner, even out-of-hospital. Using the new technology, essential physical and biochemical parameters can be continuously measured, controlled and adapted to the individual needs of patients suffering a cardiac arrest.

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