Ahead-of-the-curve technology.

CARL System. Controlled. Targeted. Personalized.

The CARL System is designed to improve survival and neurologic recovery in patients affected by acute cardiac arrest. The technological performance characteristics of the CARL System components are based on the requirements of CARL Therapy, a novel therapeutic approach for resuscitation that emphasizes controlled, targeted and personalized whole-body reperfusion.

And mobile.

CARL meets the following therapy-­related specifications:

  • Precise measurement and control of blood gas analysis parameters
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Short preparation time of the system for a quick therapy start
  • Numerous design and detail solutions for optimal mobile use
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Statement Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benk

“To establish CARL Therapy in clinical practice, numerous innovative approaches in the field of medical technology were required. The visionary challenge was to be able to automatically control both the physical and biochemical perfusion conditions during extracorporeal circulation, both inside and outside the hospital.

We met this challenge - and today we have reached the point where our smart system can start its journey into hospitals.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Benk
Managing Director, Resuscitec GmbH

Controlled Automated Reperfusion of the whole body.

CARL Therapy is a smart method of resuscitation after cardiac arrest. It was developed in an interdisciplinary collaboration between physicians and perfusionists at the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery at Freiburg University Hospital.

The new treatment method concerns sudden “acute cardiac arrest”, which until now can only be treated to a very limited extent even under optimal conditions. The survival rate in a hospital is about 20%. And, outside a hospital, only 3 to 8% of all patients survive an acute cardiovascular arrest. In addition, the few patients who leave the hospital often suffer from pronounced and persistent brain damage.

CARL Therapy relies on controlled restoration of blood flow through reperfusion. The Medical Director of Cardiovascular Surgery Freiburg and his team of researchers have discovered that it is thus possible to resuscitate a person even after a prolonged cardiac arrest without significant consequential damage.

3 – 8%
Survival Rate
> 20%
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Statement Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Beyersdorf

“After a cardiovascular arrest, the entire body is in a special state that must be understood very precisely and treated individually for each patient. Above all, the patient's blood must be modified in such a way that the organs can gradually recover from the lack of oxygen supply. Based on the findings of our many years of clinical research, we have therefore developed a novel therapy for resuscitation, which we call CARL Therapy.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Friedhelm Beyersdorf
Founder and Initiator, Resuscitec GmbH
Former Medical Director of the Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery at The Medical Center - University of Freiburg

Three products, one purpose: Saving lives.

Enabling perfusion technologies.

With CARL, we produce and market the world's first extracorporeal system that can be used to provide sufficient blood circulation in a controlled manner outside the hospital.

CARL. Controller

  • Perfusion system with powerful, automated dual pump control to generate high pulsatile blood flow
  • Comprehensive measurement sensor system with online venous and arterial blood gas analysis and plug-in fibre optic catheter for invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Preconfigured, compact perfusion set for quick and easy system start-up



  • Compact, preconfigured perfusion set
  • Pressure, SvO2, Hb and temperature measurement
  • Additional blood pump for pulsatile operation
  • Powerful PMP oxygenator with integrated heat exchanger
  • Patented priming bag for quick and easy venting of the reperfusion set
  • Interfaces for arterial blood gas analysis and dosing system
  • Port (hemostasis valve) for insertion of the arterial pressure measurement catheter
CARL Arterial Pressure Sensor
  • Fibreoptic catheter for direct, invasive measurement of arterial blood pressure
  • Direct insertion via port in reperfusion set without separate puncture
CARL Arterial Blood Gas Cartridge
  • Disposable cartridge for continuous measurement of arterial blood gas parameters (paO2, pH, calcium, sodium, potassium)
CARL Infusion Bracket
  • Attachable holder for mounting a manual infusion system
  • For rapid drug and volume administration
CARL Priming Solution
  • Patented priming solution to optimize the reperfusion process
  • Device bridge with integrated locking mechanism for the CARL Controller
  • For mounting on Stryker mobile stretchers type M1, Power Pro XT, Power TL
  • Multifunctional equipment cart for fast and efficient transport of the complete CARL System within the clinic


  • Mobile oxygen supply for controlled oxygenation and decarboxylation in the extracorporeal circuit
  • Resource-saving through the use of room air by means of blower technology
  • Precise control of O2 concentration (21 to 100%) and CO2 elimination (up to 12 l/min gas flow)

  • Sufficient battery power (approx. 4 h), also for out-of-hospital use



CARL MOX Wall Bracket
  • Holding system for safe mounting of the CARL MOX
  • For transport in the rescue vehicle or for safe mounting during use in the intensive care unit or in the operating room

CARL. Cooler

  • Mobile hypothermia device for rapid therapeutic cooling in the context of extracorporeal circulation
  • Δ 4 °C cooling capacity within a few minutes



CARL Cooler Kit
  • Disposable for resource-independent cooling
  • Direct connection to the oxygenator
  • Cooling by endothermic reaction