Mid-forty shows no neurological impairment after prolonged circuit bridging with CARL.

The goal of CARL Therapy is to save time. Because time is life – and every minute counts when it comes to identifying the cause of a cardiac arrest and providing targeted therapy. With the help of CARL, it is possible to provide patients with optimal care, for example after a heart attack, until the function of the heart is sufficiently stabilized again.  

Volker Disch

A dedicated teacher also owes his life to this circumstance. In his mid-forties, he was in good health when he went to see his family doctor because for the first time he had symptoms that made him think of angina pectoris. While still in the doctor’s office, he developed ventricular fibrillation, his heart stopped beating and his circulation collapsed. The team of the medical practice immediately initiated the usual first aid measures, but without success until the arrival of the emergency physician. And even after that, it was not possible to restore the circulation. The rescuers tried in vain for over an hour until the man was finally admitted to the cardiac catheterization laboratory of a university hospital and connected to the CARL System. The circulation was stably bypassed and as a result an occlusion of a coronary artery was diagnosed and immediately treated. A few weeks after treatment, the patient showed no neurological limitations. The patient is back in his profession and is also active again as a passionate soccer coach in his spare time.