Resuscitec GmbH sponsors AED device

Resuscitec GmbH has sponsored an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the BioTechPark Freiburg, where the company’s premises are also located. The respective idea came about at the beginning of the year, when two employees of Resuscitec GmbH took part in a first aid course run by the German Red Cross. When and how even non-professionals can use a defibrillator in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest was an important part of the course program.

After the AED was purchased, a suitable and clearly visible place for the device was found in cooperation with the building management and Thomas Steuber from the association “Region der Lebensretter”. So from now on all employees at the Freiburg BioTechPark will have round-the-clock access to a potentially life-saving technology in an emergency.

The defibrillator is easy to operate even for the inexperienced; the user is guided through the application step by step by voice command. The AED analyzes the patient’s heart rhythm independently and can deliver a current pulse if necessary.

The installation of the AED was supported by the association “Region der Lebensretter” (, which records publicly available AEDs in a database and links them to an intelligent smartphone alerting system. Thereby it is possible to provide volunteer first aiders with information where the freely accessible AEDs are located throughout the area. Thanks to the activities of the association and the many partners in hospitals, rescue services and industry, Freiburg is now considered as a model region in terms of resuscitation. These partners now also include Resuscitec GmbH – hoping that not only our products, but also the new AED contributes to save more lives in the future.