Freiburg Symposium on Extracorporeal Life Support

The 3rd Freiburg Symposium on Extracorporeal Life Support (FELS) will take place on Friday, May 20th at Kreativpark Lokhalle. In three sessions with different topics, international experts will discuss clinical applications and recent advances in extracorporeal circulation and lung support.

The program is structured as follows:

Session 1

Start: 09:00

Topics:               MCS in cardiogenic shock

                            Left ventricular unloading in V-A ECMO

                            Should there be an age limit for patients on ECMO?

Moderator:        David Staudacher

Panelists:           Susann Price, London

                            Dirk Westermann, Freiburg

                            Justyna Swol, Nürnberg

Session 2

Start: 11:15

Topics:               ECPR for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

                            Out-of-center initiation of ECMO

                            Should ECMO be offered in every hospital?

Moderator:       Tobias Wengenmayer

Panelists:           Fabio Silvio Taccone, Brüssel

                            Jan Bělohlávek, Prag

                            Georg Trummer, Freiburg

Lunch Symposium

Start: 12:45

Open discussions with panelists

Poster exhibition

Session 3

Start: 14:15

Topics:               The role of V-V-ECMO in the treatment of ARDS

                            Mechanical ventilation during V-V-ECMO

                            Weaning from V-V-ECMO

Moderator:       Alexander Supady

Panelists:            Daniel Brodie, New York (virtuell zugeschaltet)

                            Alain Combes, Paris

                            Philipp M. Lepper, Homburg

Presentation of the FELS poster awards:

15:45 – 16:00


Kreativpark Lokhalle Freiburg

Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 7

D-79106 Freiburg

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